A prayer

Rabbana Aatina Milladunka Rahmah wa Hayyii' lana min amrina rashada! (The Arabic for this prayer written in English script) ~Photo and design by me



12 thoughts on “A prayer

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  2. Nice photo and the prayer.

    A few of the Islamic scholars, when translating Rab or Rabbana prefer not to use the word LORD which is taken from the English language because, it restricts the qualities (Sifaat) of Allah s.w.a.t. In the English culture a Lord is the one who provides something to his people BUT he is not there to take care of them all the time.

    Whereas, Allah s.w.a.t. not only created us, but He is also providing us everything AND, He is also there ALL the time taking care of us, listening to our prayers, protecting us from evil when we ask Him for His protection etc., etc. There is a huge explanation to this which cannot be summarized here on the blog.

    Therefore, like we use the word ALLAH instead of God, we should also address ALLAH s.w.a.t. as RAB or RABBANA because, he is RAB-UL-MASHRIQAIN, WA RAB-UL-MAGHRIBAIN.

    Like most people have stopped saying KHUDA HAFIZ and they say ALLAH HAFIZ instead. Khuda is Farsi and lets not go into that detail here. So, if we start writing RAB in English too, it shall be accepted by people and they will not find strange for having a foreign word in their language. After all they accept and use, Guru, Mantra, Karma blah, blah so, they will accept and use it. There are many foreign words in English and now even in French also. Therefore, go ahead and add this to their dictionary.


    I know some people might say Jesus is also referred as Our Lord. But, that is English language and not Arabic. So, why should we use that word which restricts the Sifaat of Allah s.w.a.t. ? Do you agree with me? I am sure you do. 🙂

    • You have a point. But to me, the word Lord is very special. Somehow, from my childhood, I could connect with this word. Can’t explain, just one of those things.

      Allah can be called upon by so many names. It’s what is inside one’s heart that matters.

  3. I, too, agree Lord also holds a special place in my heart. When I say my du’a…I love to say “ya rabee or ya rabbanaa” and I also translate it as “my Lord/our Lord.”

    Love this du’a. I love to find du’as while reading the Qur’an and put little stickies there to memorize later.

      • Yehh…I read it through once putting in all of my posties and now I am just going bck slowly to ponder over the verses. Every time my husband sees my Qur’an he winces…b/c he thinks I’ve gone a little overboard…which I may have…but hey I like the system. I have special colored post-it flags for memorizing duas and another color for verses that stuck out to me.

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