The day I won 200,000 dirhams – yeah right!

I hate it when the doorbell and telephone ring at the same time. Occasionally my children demand attention at that very moment as well, but thankfully, this time it was just the doorbell and the cell-phone. As soon I got to the phone after checking the door, I was in for a surprise.

“Hi Ma’am!” said a bright voice.

“Yes?” I replied.

“This is Samir from the Etisalat office. We would like to inform you that you have just won AED 200,000 in a lucky draw. Your sim card is the lucky winner out of hundreds of thousands of entries,” he said enthusiastically.

Etisalat, as most people know is the telecommunications company in the UAE and like most phone companies, they also keep having the odd lucky draw. But being the typically street-smart Pakistani that I am, I replied exasperatedly, “Yeah, so?”

The man took this reaction of mine like a personal insult and said, in an almost desperate tone, “Ma’am, you’ve just won 200,000 Dirhams! You can collect the money at the nearest Etisalat office if you just take down your gift number. Now can I have your good name please?”

“Tell me the location of the office first, then I’ll tell you my name,” I said half-interested, in spite of myself. He gave me a number that he insisted should be the same as the one written in fine-print on my sim-card, because apparently, my sim was ‘the lucky winner’.

“Switch off your phone, take your sim out and match the number written on it with the number I have given you. If they are the same, you are lucky one. Then call me back,” he advised.

It all sounded quite pretty, save for the fact that ‘Samir from Etisalat’ was calling from his personal cell-phone. Since when did companies start telling their staff to make corporate from their own cell-phones? Plainly out of curiosity, I switched off my phone and matched the number the man had given me with the one on my sim. The number he had given me was incomplete, but the digits that he had supplied tallied with mine. Sure that this was a scam, I dialled the number of the actual Etisalat office.

When I was finally connected to a customer-service representative, I said, “I received a call from someone claiming to be an Etisalat employee. Are you guys having some kind of a lucky draw for 200,000 Dirhams?” The man on the other end, presumably an Arab (judging by th accent – lahja) seemed quite appalled at the idea of handing over 200,000 Dirhams to someone for no good reason. He confirmed my suspicion that it was indeed a scam and promised to take action against the person who had tried to dupe me, after taking down his number.

Just goes to show you have people trying to fool others in practically every country, but I do hope action will be taken. Imagine, if Etisalat actually called the guy:

Etisalat: Hello, This is So-n-so from Etisalat

Trickster: That’s right. This is Samir from Etisalat.

E: NO I’m from Etisalat.

T: No I’m from Etisalat! In fact we have a promotion, just check your sim card…. Err.. you mean you’re from Etisalat – the real one?

E: Until further notice your number has been blocked due to undesirable activity. Thank you. Good bye.

ME: evil grin + dark laugh.

Conclusion: Fun as it may sound, the idea that you won 200,000 dirhams is a big huge scam. You’re getting nothing, nada, zilch. Except perhaps a dirty look from your spouse who says you’ve been wasting too much time exploring your phone and sim and searching the net for that one confirmation that you are the proud owner of some cool, hard cash. So please remember: THIS IS A SCAM!


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  1. …and guess what, a lot of these calls are made by Pakistani’s! . I have received such calls from Dubai,Pakistan….and i just laugh! The guys in their heavily accented Punjabi urdu sound morons the minute they say hello…..why are so many Pakistani’s involved in sham business?

    I am an Indian and would love to hear from you.

      • I just received call from someone telling me exact thing. And to claim the prize i must buy du recharge worth 650 then deposit it to alfardan exchange. Thank u to ur blog, it makes people aware of such scam.


    • im really sad about the same inciedent that happened today i just threw away 3500 Dhs and got nothing. To everybody who read this be aware of such scams

    • My dears, It starts again, I just WON 200 000 AED from DU.
      Be carefull of Number 0558572977.
      Tell me, how they know the number of your SIM card?
      I started to think like you, how it is possible, that they are calling from private number?
      Finally he asked for my nationality, he does not know my country, I am from Czech Republic, even if I told him European Union… He thought I am from Kennya… I am going to Du and give them his number, hope, they will do they work…
      Have a lovely day.

      • Yes Sarka !! That’s a Scam
        There asses need to be busted !! Go ahead n report the number.
        However, recovering the money could be real pain in the ass as they don’t have harsh laws for these offences.

      • Im also a winner of 200,000 AED.. But now they were terrible using the Name from EXPO 2020 and UAE Exchange. I just hope Dubai Police would take actions for these people. Beware for this number – 0521229563 his name MOHAMMED IBRAHIM from DUBAI EXPO 2020, a Local Officer. When I ask him about the proof or something, he sent me a message from +46766690167. Better to stop this stupidity before somebody else will put at risk.

    • Today I received the same phone call by an Indian man claiming that I am from Expo 2020 Business bay department. He said that you are lucky winner and won 200,000 AED in lucky draw. Oh Yeah,, I just laugh at him and made him ashamed of his calling

      • I received a call from cell phone number – 0507857475 on Monday 4th April 2017 informing me that if I can confirm that the following number – 89971122 – is printed on the back of my SIM card, then I am a winner of 200 000 AED from Expo 2020, and the Dubai Government.
        I then received the email below:
        Expo2020 via
        Dear customer, You have won a cash prize AED200,000. You can get this prize from Al Ansari Exchange or in your bank card. Please pay security deposit AED2500 and get your prize . With best regards, Expo2020
        After receiving this email, they contacted me again and I questioned why I needed to pay 2500 AED to claim the money prize. The caller was very persuasive and well-spoken; but I sensed this was a scam so I disconnected the phone call.
        Please watch out for this scam as the caller was convinced that I would be swayed by the sender email.

    • i received a call from 0556983636
      he was saying that i won a 200000aed from the Ramadan raffle in du
      then i just said what i will do?
      he give me the code number of my sim then he was right..
      after that he said go to uae exchange to claim your money…
      i said go first in uae exchange then wait me there..
      he ask me u want ur money or not..i said are you insane? everybody want money
      then i try to search in internet regarding this matter..
      i search if there is really a lottery from du..but it was show their is website with the picture and name of winners..and also level their the main office number(0019188444471)
      which i call also to confirm if i really won..then suddenly it got me more confuse cause the one who answer the phone is pakistani and dont know how to speak English
      i was lucky that time cause i was with my workmate hindi then i give the phone so they cant talk clearly..he was saying go to western and deposit 1500aed …for regestration….then i cut the phone call directly and lough with my workmates….
      it was big froud beware guys to the number i post…

    • But Dear i received call from Indian man with name Rajish Kumar, i think only indain are involve in such fraud to make people fool,,,, so also be aware from Indian also…… ????? dont say again only Pakistani are involved.?????

  2. Dear Etisalat i received a phone call from a man saying i have won 200 000 dirhams and he asked me to call him back and he gave me the last five digits of my sim card, then he said i must buy etisalat recharge voucher for 1500dirhams and give him the voucher number ,he also informed me to stay on hold while i go and buy the voucher, i thought it was suspicious and still on hold i checked on the internet if etisalat is running such promotions only to find a lot of warning scams, please people be careful……..

    • OH MY GOD!!! These guys should be punished, i received a call today that i have won 200,000 dirhams by a expo 2020 lottery contest.This guy gave me a 5 digit number and ask me to check whether it gets matched and the numbers where matching.Then he told me to deposit 1500 dirhams for three tickets and he told me to call him back.This guy talked with me for nearly an our and then he connected his call to some arabic guy.He told me that he is the one who had selected my number for lucky draw.He texted me on watsapp with a picture of 200,000 dirhams cheque.I am still confused about it, how can they do it??

  3. Exactly the same experience today for me! Mustafa from etisalat financial center offer me to pay 2750 dh of etisalat recharge to win 200.000 Dh … No comment very good story with a lot of detail like : you will receive your money from sheik … From DIB !
    Be careful this scam is still running !

  4. It is the same all over the globe. Some organisation in South Africa (about 15.000 km from my frontdoor) promised me a large amount of US dollars if I should cooperate via my bank account to transfer milions of dolars to bank accounts somewhere in Africa. My share… up to 15% per transaction. It was a very profitable business. Nowbody knows… except you, dear readers, that the Burj Dubai Tower is mine.
    Do not further publish this without my permission on any blog or other web 😉

  5. Hahah… Yeap, still running…i just receive the call…but i knew what is it all about. I had a great fun with him…i told him: Yea, that’s great…thanks, but i don’t have any money with me, my wallet is in my friends place…and he was trying to get any amount from me…and at the end he asked, ok how much u can pay for wasel top up card?…50aed i said..ok, ok, u can pay the rest when u come to collect the money… I said, bro…u allready spent 50 for this call, can’t u see there’s no point with me….find someone else..hahaha
    i think he just want to practice his english 🙂

  6. Very amusing Mehmudah…. between us, I and my daughter have won nearly half a dozen plots and thousands of dollars in lucky draws….. but for the plot it is always the last date and we have to deposit any amount ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 in so and so bank account immediately…. or fr the lucky draw you have to give away sensitive information about yr bank account so that the money is transferred to it…. Old wine, new bottle! They keep on inventing new ways to trick naive people.. thank God that we are too Pakka Pakistanis to be hoodwinked easily!!!

  7. today i got a call from 0563651214. he saying i selected as a lucky winner and the worth of 2,200dhs i got.

    he given me a 5 digit number and asked me to check weather it is on your sim or not. he called me after 5 min , asked me “did u check that or not”/

    I asked him the address of etisalat for enquiry but

    he cut my call.

  8. oh than i should thank God as this moron had said 100,000 dirhams ,less chances of heart failure hehe. anyway when he said you have won this amount i said good so what you want me to do? he said nothing madam (it was some pathan bhai sahab) said we would like you to come and collect your cash i simply replied keep that in your pocket you need that more than me..surely he felt insulted and even before he could say something else i hung up on him,,silly losers these guys are, got nothing better to do with their lives.

  9. I experienced the same scam today from +971-506-903-705 , for 200,000 aed, transfered through Western Union in my own country. He tried to make things fast, so prompted to act immediately in whatever he was saying. The story matches with all of the above descriptions. Take care.

  10. Great informative post..The same thing is happening here in California .( you won a cruise give us your credit card no.)THank you for liking my post A letter to my son. Be well Mehmuda..Best regards.jalal

  11. I remember telling one guy to keep the money for himself and buy a ticket to haj to make tawbah. And the second call I got, I told him to keep the money and send it to his mother and sisters back in pakistan.

    It’s funny how silly their plan is to scam people. The first thing they say is “Hello madam, urdu or arabi or english?”

  12. I just received a call regarding this scam.
    Funny when they talk. Not so professional.
    If you wanna bully a scammer. Here’s one of them. number : +971508495258

  13. Hi just received a call from these tricksters , mobile number +971567942512.
    They used heavy Pakistani accent and broken English.
    Guy named himself Abdul Aziz (Manager – promotions) …lol!!! and then there was his assistant Mohd. Faisal (Who called himself as Floor Supervisor – …I do not know what a floor supervisor is doing in promotions) gave Emp. code as 7082.
    Guess what I had a Secret Lucky coupon number (0010120) and file number (7779388) too !
    At the end they were quite angry and agitated with my questions as I asked all the data.
    I have forwarded the case to Etisalat now for their action..

  14. Yesterday i got a call from 0505205674. he saying i selected as a lucky winner and the worth of 2,000dhs i got. Today called him he said me AED 200,000 in a lucky draw. Your sim card is the lucky winner out of hundreds of thousands of entries,”he gave me one number and check your sim (8997103) i am really shocked .same number as my sim . i have two connection i checked other one also that was also same….ha…ha…i called again but he didn’t pick my call…. everybody who read this be aware of such scams…
    Thank you

  15. today i received call from a guy informing me i won etisalat a lucky winner for amount 5 hundred thousand,i got sack i know this scam he try me to ask some question to draw money to my account and bank details ,and he say my sim pin number correctly ,i ask to him why etisalat did not send any massage about this how i can belive u stupit i tell to complaind to police and scared him disconect my mobile, people s aware from this bloakships be care full dont u give ur banks details

  16. Guys Beware of the fraudsters!!! they are big time suckers I lost 7k Dhs.. I feel like bamboozled.
    These bastards will burn in a hell….

  17. I also got same kind of call. Caller introduced himself as etisalat staff and asked me to buy evouchers worth 2500 dhs to get prize money of 500000 dhs. I figured out it shoud be a fake and cut the call.

  18. I Just received a call from 0566640213 saying he is from Etisalat and that I won 500,000 UAE Dirhams. I knew it’s a scam. So I told the caller, I don’t need your 500,000 AED, I have 100 Million AED with me. Then he hanged the phone. Hahaha!!!

  19. I also had the same experience just today, almost hooked. beware of this number 0501297789 he even gave me his land line number and name 026811100 his name is Mohamed

  20. Hilarious as it may sim but I am also receiving calls but from “fake” DU staffs telling the same that I won a lottery and blah-blah and that I have to collect me cash to some Western Union branch. He even ask where am I from and what is my religion. He’s a Pakistani guy based on his accent – 0529472001. Please beware!

  21. Exactly same happend to me Just now I got a call from one mobile, syaing that I have won 200,000 AED and he gave me one number to check on the back of Sim,

    It was the registration first number 7 numbers

    It matched I called him back he gave the mobile to another person, and then they asked me to buy du 1200 Recharge vouchers

    I denied to buy like this just with a phone call. And the story ended.. Pl be careful

    I got cal from this number: +971 522629457

  22. Hi……Today i got the same call, and i am such a idiot, i followed what he asked.
    Ended up with loss of 8300 AED. Can anyone suggest what to do now. Any way to recover money.

  23. I am so upset, today I also got a call from this number 0561961694-FARAZ and his boss, MOhamed Salman Ibrahim, saying they are working from Etisalat and this call is recorded, then after they said, my etisalat number won AED200,000. That I may take the money from Al Ansari Exchange. Then afterwards they will ask you to buy 1,000 etisalat recharge card, required for you to received the price you won in Al Ansari. I told them if I won, should be you will not ask anything from me back. I told them, this scam and I will report you to the police. Please be aware…

  24. Today (April 18, 2015) I receive call, I won 500,000 dirhams from Etisalat Expo2020 and they are asking for 5500 dirhams, so please beware

  25. someone call me yesterday about this this . I admit that I believe this . I give him 750 e load. He said its for the processing. What will I do so that my many will be return? They said they are from du . Can you do any action for this?.

  26. I also one of victim of this case but I’m using du.he told me my SIM card is lucky win of the amount of 500,000 dirham but before you get the prize just send me a 600 du card and send me the pin code immediately then I realize that I’m winning but why the man caller need me to send him 600 dirham card…haha i called a police then the police told me is a scam just ignore it..

  27. i just got a call from 0557960154 stating the same things. if police can call on these number they would be able to track them easily. I don’t know where to complain if such issues occur.

  28. I just recieved the same phone call telling me you won 200,000dhm. Checking sim number and everything. For a moment he really got my attention but thanks to you now I know the whole story. I will complain about this number.. thanks again..

  29. Hello, this Cherry and currently working here in ahu Dhabi. Just received a call from a guy saying that I just won half a million dirhams from Etisalat…He ask me to check my sim card… I told him that I’m using a micro sim so he asked me to call his senior officer to give me further details…
    Who wouldn’t be excited when you found out that you have just won half a million dirhams?! But then, I managed to browse the internet if Etisalat do have a promotion or raffle… Then I saw the warning from Etisalat tht there’s scam… So I called the customer care Hotline and reported the 2 mobile number – from the who called me and from the senior officer.

  30. someone 0521780896 call me too from expo 2020 ask me to pay 1000 dhs or atleast 200dhs so that i can get 200000 from ansari . talked for about 40 mins endedup finishing my balance and recharging again. careful ppl.

  31. I received a similar call, and this time ..interestingly enough the guys says he is from Expo 2020 – in collaboration with Du network – had a lucky draw and picked my number. He asks me to directly go to the uae exchange and call him . But he calls from a phone, asks me to call back so he can connect me to the computer and then fill up my details. I am pretty sure, this is the same scam , but with different names now. Beware all.

  32. Im also a winner of 200,000 AED.. But now they were terrible using the Name from EXPO 2020 and UAE Exchange. I just hope Dubai Police would take actions for these people. Beware for this number – 0521229563 his name MOHAMMED IBRAHIM from DUBAI EXPO 2020, a Local Officer. When I ask him about the proof or something, he sent me a message from +46766690167. Better to stop this stupidity before somebody else will put at risk.

    • Had the same experience just now! and exactly the same modus–using EXPO 2020 and UAE Exchange. The number is 0556178937. They even asked for my Emirates ID number and provided with several bunch of reference numbers probably to try to sound legit! what a waste of time!

  33. I almost fell for this – I wasted almost half an hour talking to this Samir guy who told me i won 200k Aed from Expo 2020 – same thing, asked me to check my sim – asked me to buy 1k AED credit from Etisalat to “upgrade my profile” – When i asked him why he’s calling from a mobile and where is their head office – he cant give me an answer. Even forwarded my call to his “supervisor” Mohamed something who sounds Arabic, based on his accent – ENDED UP CONSUMING MY CREDIT FOR NOTHING – beware people!

  34. The MF spammers tried to get me today!!! The typical Spam was that I got a call from UAE (971-507064658) and that I won 200k QR from Ooredoo (Qatar’s telecommunication) – same thing, asked me to check my sim # and to transfer QR 4750 by WU in the name of “Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammed Yaqoob”. I told them that I transferred the money and I have the receipt and the control number, but I will not give them away before I get my prize money, or alternatively, you deduct it from my prize money and send me the rest!!! People, please be careful with your money and let us put these succors out off business.

  35. I got scammed today through 2 Mobile numbers 056 9851400 and 0506287160…lost 10200dhs…police reluctant to file a complaint citing they have to wait for their Station Head to come on Sunday…does anyone know how to RECOVER this money ? Pls help..Sandeep

  36. Hello.. today the same thing happen to me in the morning..telling that i won 200000 dirams on etisalat luck draw..and he told me to cal back for conforming code..why they r doing such thing.. . .

  37. LOL!!! I just received the same call but from DU LOL!!! Being on call I quickly googled the scenario and thanks for your blog to come up so quickly and helping me save my time!!!

    Let’s all report this to dubai POLICE.

  38. Same scam today, the number is 0528160741, i won 200,000aed and i have to go get du recharge cards for 1500 aed to finish the transaction or smthg… whenever they ask for money = scam!! But how do they get the money and how do they have my sim card number??? Just wasted good 30 min..

  39. I just received the exact same call from someone claiming they were from Du head office. The number is +971522025066
    They tried really hard to convince me. I think I wasted a little too much time trying ti price that they were frauds.
    -First sim check
    – then a text mso with a link. When clicked it was telling me to enter my Du account info and a request for password change. The interesting thing is that it came from, as it seems, Du itself.
    – they also got pretty frustrated with me and told me that if I didn’t believe them, that was my problem.
    Thank you for writing your experience here!

  40. Salam!
    Sarcasm indeed it’s a bad shaytan big joke of the century! !! Fucking imbeciles! !! I just received a call telling I just won 500,000 dirhams! At first O can’t believe it but after he mentioned that I need to buy a 300 worth of voucher from a super market I told him I don’t have n forced me look inside my wallet and 50 dirhams is ok he said but when I told him I don’t have and I said I’m sorry but I really don’t have even if I have some money I turned him down n he told me he will block my sim card n I need to stay on d line for whaaaaaat I laughed at him with ridicule lol! Then I knew it was a SCAM!!!

  41. It seems that they won’t stop, I am her in Dubai expecting calls from employers. I just missed the call which rang only twice, why not, may be they are busy calling people, I must call back, busy, I chated with my 4 years old son for a while, calling back, he is now from expo 2020, India or Pakistani speaker, giving me the lucky number, very little surprised to find that it matches my SIM digits, didn’t call back, I googled to arrive her, just to support my 99.9% suspicions that this is a scam and to save myself a call back cost. The number is 0521196399. Be ware.

  42. same thing happened to me, just now, i got a call from 052 852 9975. saying the exact scam…they gave me 7 cash number and to get the remaining cash number i have to buy 5 du 200 cards which AED1,000 and after that they will give me the other 5 cash numbers to claim the AED200,000 cash prize from al ansari…i was given until 4pm today….i told her i dont have money and I will cancel the call……good thing,…i was not victimized…..thank God!!! Be careful, all of you here….du pls, do something to this number……and hopefully, she and the whole group will be caught…..

  43. be aware of this number 052 3139511. The same game was played with me but when I told him that give me detail then he texted me from this number” +46 73-172 04 01.
    Oh really for the time being I consider myself as a winer but at the end I gave him my account number then he said that I will transfer money to your bank but it will not shown as long as u dont send us 1400 AED by exchange first.
    Then I realised that it is scam for sure….
    So please guys dont waste your time and please someone notice these people as they are making poor people fool. I hope that “du” authority will take action against these people as I am going to give this Number to the do officials.

  44. i got a call as well 🙂 … winner of 200,000 dhs… saying its from expo 2020.. and he told me to check the sim card number in the phone.. luckily while he was talking I checked and saw this blog…. thanks for sharing guys… the number is 0569044143

  45. i think i have been fooled, im only new here and thought that everything here is secured since mobile number here are registered and individuals here may not think to use it in scam , what the author said is correct the guy calling gave a number which are incomplete that match at the back of my sim card, i thought first it was real then he ask what do i have passport or emirates , which i ended up giving my emirates number and my whole name, then he said i have to go to machine to get ticket, but i said i am at work, luckily , so i said to them ill be out by 5 then they said just give them a call back, but i search already this one i knew that it was scam .

  46. got a call as well… winner of 200,000 dhs… saying its from expo 2020.. and he told me to check the sim card number in the phone.. luckily while he was talking I checked and saw this blog…. thanks for sharing guys… the number is 0528122379

  47. I experienced the same scam today from +971-509-662-705 , for 200,000 aed Etisalat Expo 2020 Luck Draw, transfered through UAE Exchage. He tried to make things fast, so prompted to act immediately in whatever he was saying. The story matches with all of the above descriptions. Take care.

  48. I got a call from this number +971 58 895 3300, saying i won 200,000aed and asking for my personal info., good thing i didnt gave them any, but sadly du didnt take the number to make further action. They just told me not to believe these people.

  49. Same guys , I just received a similar call from these scammers claiming to be from du. As soon as he said you got to buy a voucher for 1.5k in order to win the 200,000 aed I knew it was a scam.

  50. Received a call today. 200,000.
    Clearly south asian, but with an Arab name.He told me to go to an exchange to collect my prize, after depositing the 1500 of-course.

  51. Omg,.someone told me I won from UAE expo 2020. 200,000aed, I already gave him 1500 Etisalat recharge. Hahahha stupid me. I still don’t tell him that I know the scam already. He provided me a name where I supposedly send the money. The big question is EmiratesID, SMS alert, and a personal # were used to make me believe this scam. How can they use these #s for their scam??

      • Someone call me today and he said i won 200000 thousand dirhams. But i need to use first the machine to pay another number just to have a bill right now.he said he is local and i dont believe i know this is scam..

  52. i just received lately a call from du that i was lucky bcoz i won 200thousand dirhams i just laugh and tell him why come i didnt joined any raffle draw then he told me to go to nearest western union and he gave me a code using du company #…poor man he think i will believe me…even im just a nanny and i need big money i wont blve in their scams…hehe

  53. Hi, just received a call from a pakistani (+971588291228) saying i won 200,000 AED (hahahhah). what a joke….beware of such scam…..

  54. Even me today av experienced the same scam people call ..From +971568578398.
    Giving me atoken number to collect 200,000.AED from Dubai Islamic bank from any branch nearer. I thank God that I didn’t even call him back as he instructed me to give me all the information

  55. Same scam. 500,000 dirham for ‘Etisalat Expo2020 Promotional Draw’ (when asked). Numbers associated:
    +971588861389 (‘Ali Hassan’)

    How do they have access to Etisalat and Emirates ID Database though?

  56. Yeah just now hes calling, he tell me to putchase 600 dirham Etisalat card. I hang up the phone and tell to him.that he will wait for me. Lol. While hanging the phone I try to research if it is true tgis 200,000 dirham. Then I saw this page.tnx. Help a lot

  57. Hi All,
    This is the third time am getting a call from these types of idiots …
    +971 58 871 9774 was the number in which I got the last call. Please be aware about these guys and inform your friends too…

    Some time they tell us our full name and address too.plz don’t believe it…

  58. A few minutes ago, I received a call like this that’s why I am here. Number is 054-397-8066. Please be aware. It is 2017 already but this 200k scammer is still doing this d*mn thing! They are very persistent, I almost believed. *sigh* Grateful, I did not get off to work early under their spell and spend 1500aed on du reloading. I hope this will stop totally.

  59. Hello today i got a call from the UAE expo 2020 guy. what should i do? should i go to near western union office? or should i ignore it? please suggest me

  60. 056 486 4352 DU EXPO 2020….The mind boggling for me is, when the guy said “you will receive a 6-digit code now from Du, I actually got the message from ‘Du’ which is the same ‘Du’ I usually receive promos from. He asked me to read it to him and said call back immediately the same number he used to call me by which time his manager will speak to me to confirm so i can get the prize….when I did speak to the Manager, he hardly was able to speak because i started saying ‘this is a scam this is a scam this is a scam’ and he hang up hahahahahahahah

  61. This blog post is from 2010 and its 2017 now, and I just got the exact same call. Well the price is a lot higher now 500,000 Dirham + Iphone7. How funny they still use the same method years after years.

  62. Same happened to me now I received a call from Du and telling me that I won AED 500,000 for luckily chosen my mobile number for their promotion. At first I got shocked and said how is this happen I didn’t join any promotion. Then he transfer the line to their other representative who speaks English fluently and clearly, and then she talked to me very impressive and she even gave me the 7 digit pin# of the cheque or receipt same like that. But before she will give the 3 digit remaining pin# she want me to purchase 3 Du cards worth AED 500 or whatever cash i have to purchase to complete 3 Du cards. Same like I’m near to believe already but still my doubt remains. And when we are still on the line she want me to go in hurry to purchase these Du cards and go to nearest Al Ansari Exchange to claim my prize. But I cut the line coz this is very impossible I said then she tried to call me back 10 times and then when I answered I’m sorry but I’m not interested to the money which I won I said and then u will cry when ur number will appear in the Dubai news tonight she said like that to me, I said its ok thank you then I cut the line. Beware to scammers! They are everywhere!!!

  63. 0582821088 called me I won AED 200,000.00 for the promotion of Dubai Government Expo 2020 He asked me to call him back once I receive the ePayment registration confirmation code to be send to my phone number. What the fun he’s doing, he will wait my call ’til his eyes will be totally white.

  64. Just got a call from Du informing me that I was one out of 100 lucky winners to have won a promotion. A BMW and AED 50k. Went on to tell me how lucky I was and why I wasn’t sounding happy etc. Then told me that I’d receive a pass code and that the prize would be paid out by Islamic bank. Sure enough, I got an SMS from Du(?) with a 5 digit pass code. Then he asked me for the pass code and since I figured it was a scam gave hims the passcode with 1 digit wrong. Told me he’d connect me to his manager Mr. Armstrong who I could speak to in english. Played along with him too and then disconnected the call. Added it to my blacklist and passed on their Du number to the fraud department.

  65. Just now I have received the same code number given and everything that you have said is what was said to me by Mr. Abdullah Khaled. The amount he mentioned is half million dirhams and an iPhone 7. I have told him that I know these scheme but he keeps on insisting about this. Also, he did not use Etisalat, instead he used Du company. Therefore, I have told him why would he from Du would call my etisalat number to inform that I have won from Du? Isn’t it odd? Simply, because they are scammers. That is why I have checked this number 8997103 and found your post. Thank you very much. God bless!


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